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Find the perfect space for your class!

Whether you're holding a regular class, school holiday programme or conducting a training workshop, 

Flying Cape Yards has the venue for your event. 

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Room Rental Agreement & Contract

The following policies are set forth for rental of space at The Yards and the Partner agrees to abide by the policies.
Rental Procedure:1) All room rental fees must be submitted with signed Room Rental Agreement to reserve the space. 2) All bookings must be submitted to Flying Cape Pte Ltd at least 7 days before the date of usage. 3) 50% of booking fee must be paid as deposit upon submitted the booking application. 4) Bookings will only be confirmed once deposit has been paid. 5) Fees only include standard in-house set up of classroom tables and chairs. Any change from standard set-up will be charged accordingly. 
Cancellation:1) there will be no penalty if cancellation request is submitted 14 days prior to date of usage. Deposit will be refunded. 2) There will be no refund of deposit if cancellation request is submitted less than 7 days prior to date of usage. 
Rescheduling:1) All rescheduling request must be submitted 3 days prior to original booking date of usage. 2) Rooms are subject to availability. 
Food: 1) Partner may bring food and drinks, or any sort of refreshments. 2) But do ensure the cleanliness of the room after comsumption of food and drinks. 
Cleanliness:1) Partner is required to maintain cleanliness of the room. 2) A clean-up fee of $150 will be charged if the room is not restored to its original state. 3) Any stains on the walls, floors, tables, chairs, windows, blinds, projector and glass board must be removed by Partner, otherwise clean-up fee will apply. 
Miscellaneous:1) Strictly no smoking within the compound of The Yards. 

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